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Cyber Wellness

As avid internet users, we may be vulnerable to wrongful actions found on cyberspace or we may even unknowingly take part in harmful activities that can impact our wellbeing. It is important to be a discerning and safe user of the Internet to ensure that we are protected from the different types of cyber-crimes that can disrupt our lives.

This course will equip you with the vital knowledge on how you can ensure your cyber wellness by enhancing your understanding on online behaviors and the various ways you can be a positive influence on the Internet.

Understanding Your Learning Style - Effective Strategies to Ace Your Studies

Every student has their own unique learning style that will enable him or her to grasp concepts faster or commit important information to memory quickly. There is no right or wrong way to studying, only different approaches to the learning process.

In this course, you will be able to discover your own unique style of studying and additionally, be equipped with different types of techniques such as employing visual, aural or writing aids that will improve the speed, quality and effectiveness of your education.

Out of Time? Effective Skills to Manage Your Time

Do you find yourself studying for your examinations at the last minute? Does the semester pass by so fast and you are unable to allocate time for studying? Having good time management skills will enable you to complete more things within a shorter period of time, ensure that you experience lower stress and lead to academic success.

This course will furnish you with various useful and successful strategies to be a better time manager such as creating an effective study timetable, learning how to prioritize different work and setting realistic goals.

Stress, Relaxation & Self Care

Reclaim your calm and happiness during a stressful semester by learning a wide range of relaxation and self-care techniques to lower your stress levels, combat your fatigue and deal with your anxieties.

This course will empower you to develop a healthy response to life’s stresses and worries by arming you with various useful strategies such as developing a self-care plan, mindful exercises and deep breathing techniques. Discover the different self-care and relaxation approaches you can use to help you manage a hectic school semester better!

Look Up! How To Manage Social & Emotional Wellness

Social and emotional wellness comes with the good relationships we have and how we interact with other individuals. Building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships with the people around you is essential for your personal, social and emotional wellbeing.

Through this course, you will be able to enhance your social and emotional wellness through various management techniques, develop your aptitude to build meaningful relationships, and boost your emotional and social proficiencies to cope with the varying challenges that life brings.